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Our goal at the beginner level is to instill a passion and love for dance that will last a lifetime,

while building a strong foundation upon which a beautiful dancer can grow!  


Dance lessons give your child confidence and poise, develop coordination, and build friendships that last a lifetime!  


 Dancing just makes your soul happy……add moving to music… doesn’t get any   better than that!

Classes for Beginners Ages 3-6

PRE-SCHOOL-1 BALLET/TAP (Ages 3 – 4) & BEGINNER-1 BALLET/TAP (ages 4 – 6): These one-hour combination classes, about 40 minutes in ballet shoes and 20 in tap shoes, will explore a variety of movements to build major motor skills in a ballet setting. Using ballet music, familiar pre-school, seasonal & holiday tunes, themes, imagination and a variety of props, we will introduce ballet to your young dancer in a fun, positive environment.

TAP CLASS is a lot of fun for the dancers as they get immediate results by hearing their progress. Tap also helps dancers develop rhythm and timing that are essential to all dance forms. Progression: PS-1 to PS-2; PS-2 to either B-2 OR B-3; B-1 to B-2; B-2 to B-3; B-3 to B-4.

Classes for School Aged Beginner

Ages 7 - young teen

SCHOOL-AGE BEGINNER BALLET/TAP (Age 7 – young teen): This is a one-hour combination class with about 40 minutes in ballet shoes and 20 in tap. Students are introduced to basic ballet steps, learning the proper technique and French terminology. Although tap is a totally different dance form, it helps develop a sense of rhythm and timing needed in all dance. Basic tap steps will be taught in the styles of Broadway or Musical Theatre and Rhythm Tap or Hoofin’. Progress in ballet is slow & steady with improvement being quite subtle where in tap, dancers can immediately see and hear their accomplishments! Progression: SAB-1 to SAB-2; SAB-2 to either AB-3 or AB-4 (based on teacher recommendation).

The expert at anything

         was once a beginner...

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