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Boy's Class

PAC is so proud to have an abundance of boys who dance!


Some are just dancing for the fun of it, others are into theater and quite a few even pursue the professional world of dance!


 Boy's Tap

This fun class is offered to Beginner and Advanced Beginner boys, ages 7 – young teen. Boys learn basic tap steps along with some flash steps and slides (their favorite!) We have many boys in classes with the girls as well and PAC Faculty loves having their energy in class!


Ballet for Boys

BOYS’ CONDITIONING: Although we encourage boys to take ballet with the girls as well, they do enjoy classes that are tailored to their needs.

In these classes we concentrate on men’s jumps and turns and learning to standing strong so we always compliment our partners on stage! We include some strength training and conditioning exercises as well!

PAC-MEN also learn stage combat and incorporate it into recital numbers!  We have learned hand-to-hand fighting along with switchblade choreography while we portrayed the Sharks & Jets from “West Side Story” and danced with bottles on our head in the Wedding Celebration aka “The Bottle Dance” from :Fiddler on the Roof”.  An audience & class favorite is “Men in Tights” when Musical Theatre, Ballet & sword fighting all come together for some great entertainment!



PAC offers two levels of partnering class! In these classes, boys will learn to support and lift their partners. These classes are so much fun! We spend a month on each style we teach including: Contemporary, Swing, Ballroom/Salsa, Musical Theatre, Lyrical and Ballet.


Hip Hop & More!

You will also find boys in all of these classes at PAC!  A wide variety including hip hop, jazz, leaps and turns, lyrical and more!

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